The Art of Perfumery Masterclass

Want to learn to make a perfume? 

In this workshop, , I teach you how to make your own perfume, place it inside a body wash, and even make your own fragranced scrub. 

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The Art of Perfumery

In this two-hour online class, we will learn how to make your own fragrances, how to build your branding strategy, and add your fragrances to items like body washes and scrubs.

Do you want to introduce fragrance as a part of your brand?

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The Beauté Study is a luxury media platform dedicated to being your guide to discovering your beauty epiphanies. From hosting our classes, our articles and engaging in the dialogue of beauty online, we are here to stay.

Our founder, Sterling J, started the platform in 2017. As your teacher and guide, she has been in the beauty industry from sales, editorial, influencer marketing, and brand marketing.

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